Cannes review: A Love Song Written by a Murderer

Heard the one about the Peruvian singer who released a song written by a murderer? I’m not surprised if you have – it won Gold at Cannes Lions last week. But if the title of the campaign turns heads, the concept behind it will grab you by the b*lls. When women’s charity Vida Mujer wanted […]

The traditional PR agency model is dead

I recently wrote for PR Week on the need for the industry to evolve. Read the full article below: There’s an ever-growing network of PRs and freelance-inspired agencies creeping up who are doing away with tradition and challenging the current status quo. There was a webinar the other day with BBC Radio 2. The producer […]

PR is changing – are you ready?

The PR industry is growing in size and scope. The work is becoming more complex and challenging, yet the future holds lots of opportunities for agencies and brands who are able to adapt to these changes. As the world gets smaller and new technologies enable communication between different continents in seconds, we don’t need to be limited to our location. […]

When influencers don’t influence

As Trump stands on stage giving his election speech, I’m reading an article written just two days ago. The headline? “If celebrity endorsements can change votes, expect a landslide win for Hillary Clinton.” Whilst the voters voted for Trump for many different reasons, some we may never really know, there’s one factor which didn’t sway […]

ICCO Summit: are we afraid of change?

Today I attended the ICCO Summit where a group of the top global PR pros in the industry discussed a number of issues, including talent recruitment.  A number of points were covered around diversity, pay gap and the need to stop the high turnover of staff in our industry (55% average), but one issue which struck […]

Instagram insights: too late to the party?

Instagram is catching up…. Last month, the platform launched Stories, last week (15th August), it launched Business Tools, and this week (31st August), it announced users can now zoom in on pictures. It seems like the platform is pushing out updates left, right and centre. “So? These functions have been around for years on other […]

Should’ve predicted this? Specsavers trademark their most famous word

As Specsavers look to trademark the word “should’ve” (and of course, ‘shouldve’, for those who don’t use apostrophes), what does this mean for creatives? The last year has seen a host of law suits and copyright allegations across a host of industries – from Marvin Gaye’s estate filing against Pharrell for the beats to Blurred […]

Once upon a time, there was a brand

Storytelling. How many times have we heard that word from comms pros, and what exactly does it mean? Well, let’s start with Nike. Their story isn’t about their rubber outsoles with flex groove, or even about their engineered foam collar for added protection. It’s about dreams. In their story, they’re helping you reach for more, […]

Twitter’s new rules

In May, I was asked to contribute to a feature on the changes to Twitter. The below feature has been reposted from Gorkana.com. Twitter’s latest efforts to improve user and financial growth have seen the platform create more space for users to express themselves through its famous 140 character limit. Gorkana gets feedback from PR and […]

How Refuge took newsjacking to new heights

Whether or not you’re a BBC Radio 4 fan, you can’t have failed to hear about the domestic violence storyline running through The Archers over the past few months. Having worked with the charity, Refuge, for consultancy on the storyline, the producers have expertly told the story of Helen and her experiences – both mental […]